Integral Energy
Courtney Johnson

A background in project and property management, Courtney serves as the Business Development Coordinator, overseeing client relationships, customer on-boarding, and business operations. She is responsible for customer retention, procurement, and sales, and facilitates operations between the Integral Energy departments and customer relationship management.

Courtney oversaw regional and national projects, as the Lead Project Manager and Brand and Marketing Coordinator with Radiant Gas and Oil and The Centerline Group. She successfully oversaw contractual acquiescence, construction, and conversion projects, as it relates to petroleum brands, franchise operations, and corporation compliance. She holds a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology and is pursuing a doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, in international business, behaviors, and human resource management.

Courtney is a University of South Florida alumna and a lover of all music, especially country. She is a graduate student affiliate of the American Psychological Association and a member of the National Association of Convenient Stores. A native of Florida, she has lived in upstate New York and abroad in Spain.

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