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Our brand is a representation of our promise to you. Prevalent in nature, the hexagon is the most stable form and efficient use of energy and resources. Hexagons are found throughout nature - the array of bees' honeycombs, the pattern on turtles' shells, the shape of snowflakes, and are often referred to as nature's perfect shape. Its optimal use of resources, engineering and science were used as a model for our company.

Integral Energy is built on a strong foundation of knowledge and client-focused values, applying this to everything we do to achieve efficiency and unsurpassed results. We strive to stay ahead of what’s coming next in our industry and for our partnerships – and are dedicated to doing it with trust and integrity.
Our Services
Providing a wide range of natural gas services, including compressed natural gas (CNG) and alternative fuels to public, private and government entities. As a partner in your business strategy, we work diligently to ensure your goals are met.
CNG Solutions Provider
CNG Solutions Provider

CNG Solutions Provider

Natural Gas Marketing
Natural Gas Marketing

Natural Gas Marketing

Project Management & Consulting
Project Management & Consulting

Project Management & Consulting

Sustainability & Supply Chain Management
Sustainability & Supply Chain Management

Sustainability & Supply Chain Management

Natural gas is the future of fuel power with many benefits over traditional fossil fuels. Click on the icons below for more information.

Our Team
Our team of experienced leaders offers innovative approaches to deliver turnkey solutions for your energy needs.
Anddrikk L. Frazier
President & CEO
Thomas U. Jones
Chief Operating Officer
Bessie Thompson
Comptroller & SSO
Kyle Gunby
Mgr. of Capital Projects
Courtney Johnson
Operations Coordinator
Jay Jones
Relationship Director
Energy. Environment. Economics.
Average percentage of cost savings when using CNG instead of diesel fuel
Estimated number of CNG stations in the U.S.
Percent of U.S. public transit buses run on CNG
Percent of U.S. natural gas used is domestically produced
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"Anddrikk has been an integral part of our NG strategy in the bulk transportation segment. His knowledge in critical areas from gas purchasing, engineering and project management have been invaluable to our success in deploying NG assets. "

Charles Musgrove, CPA, Chief Operations Officer, Dillon Transport, Inc.

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